I am over the moon excited to share Brooklyn's birth story with you all! Liz and Justin trusted me to capture her first moments outside the womb, and I was so honored and humbled to be present for this huge life event.

Liz had been keeping me updated on her progress throughout the day, and I finally got the text I had been waiting for--she was in active labor and ready for me to join them at Columbus Regional. I hopped in my already packed car and headed over. I arrived a few minutes later, checked in at the Birthing Center, and headed to their room--the same room I gave birth to Winnie in not six months prior!

Justin was a champ--his sole focus was Liz, and I was so happy I was there to capture the two of them preparing for Brooklyn's arrival.

Check out some of my favorite images below and scroll all the way to the end to relive the day with Liz and Justin through their video highlight reel. 

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