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If just reading the words "birth photography" make you cringe, you're not alone! I was in your shoes not that long ago. I could not even imagine why anyone would want to capture such a graphic event. BUT I am so happy I did some research and realized that all of those moments leading up to, during, and following the arrival of our first child would be things I would want to look back on. Seriously, do a quick search on Pinterest for "birth photography" and grab the tissues. 

Thanks to sweet little Brooklyn Ann (check out her birth story HERE) I am obsessed with birth photography, and I want absolutely everyone to have images of their child's first moments! I am beyond excited to start offering birth photography services, and to celebrate the addition of these services, I am gifting two moms with a highly discounted birth session! Keep reading for more information and to apply to our Birth Photography Model Call!

Still not convinced? Check out a few of the best reasons to hire a birth photographer.

1. You forget.

If you've had a child, you know what I am talking about. It's actually common for mothers to not remember out some of the best reasons to get in touch today to book your birth photographer!the hours before and after their child's delivery, and there is no shame in this. Who can blame her as her body and mind are preoccupied with the miracle of birth! With these images, you'll be able to relive moments and remember how you were feeling at a specific part of your birth experience. My memory was pretty spotty for months after Winnie arrived!

 2. To have photographs of moments, details, and expressions you may miss.

During labor you are so focused on yourself and bringing your baby into the world, just as you should be, that you miss a lot of the other things taking place around you. Having a photographer at your delivery helps you to experience these events without having to actively participate in them. I remember still being in bed recovering during Winnie's first bath, and I am so happy to have images of Clark having those moments with her.

3. Fathers should be in the photos--not taking them! 

Dad is just as much a part of the labor experience and should be able to participate 100%. Let him be a part of the memories. When you hire a birth photographer you allow this to happen and this also frees dad up to be there for you completely without any distractions. A birth photographer's sole role is to focus on capturing every precious moment so your team can focus on you and baby! Plus, I was about 85% sure Clark was going to pass out, so I would have never handed him a camera!

If selected for the birth photography model call, you will receive an in-person pre-consultation where we will go over your expectations of birth and all that I provide before, during, and after labor and delivery. Starting at 38 weeks I will be on call, day and night, to capture your entire birthing experience, from active labor through the first few hours of your new baby’s life in a beautiful and real documentary style. This includes sweet moments such as your baby’s first breath and first cry, cutting the cord, you meeting your little one for the first time, and all the little details about your brand new baby.

Within two weeks after delivery you will receive 75+ fully edited digital images via a private, online gallery. The regular cost of a birth photography session is $600; however, if selected for the model call, you will receive it for $200. 

The nature of birth photography requires your photographer to be on call. As a result of this there will only be two (2) slots available for June and July 2019. Applications are open for submissions starting today.

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