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I seriously wish ALL guys would invite us along to capture the moment the love of their life says "YES!"

We have known Matt for essentially our entire lives, so when he asked Clark and I to tag along and hide in the woods for the big proposal, we were all over it! I scouted out the location Matt  picked in advance as he told me all about how wonderful Nandy is and how excited he was for the future. Matt had the entire morning planned out with special things for Nandy leading up to the surprise proposal, but the forecast was calling for rain. I obsessed over the radar all morning and prayed that everything Matt had planned was going to work out! Clark and I got there early, found the best bushes and trees to crouch behind, and waited for Nandy to get to the part of the day where she'd be walking down this tree-lined path toward Matt. Finally, he gave us the look, and we knew she was headed our way! I'll let the images tell the rest of the story.

Thanks to these two for letting us be a part of such a special moment. Can't wait for the big day THIS WEEK!

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